you're from the '70s, but i'm a '90s bitch

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?   "you'll always be a fat girl. you don't know how to be anything else."

"what you look like is just one part of who you are - but it's not all you are."

quotes from 'you don't have to say you love me' by sarra manning.

fyi, i can't follow you back, this isn't my main tumblr. and i don't follow back on my main tumblr.

also i am 24. i'm like the oldest person from the 90s.

i deeply hate that my life is forever turning into graceless. that was so not the national song i wanted it to be.

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i’m hoping i get a happy ending even though i don’t deserve one.

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ahhh, i have gained like nine pounds and endless acne and i am no longer conventionally attractiiiiiive. and that shouldn’t be & isn’t my worth. still sucks, though.

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Resources for Male Survivors


I posted last week asking people if they knew of some good resources for male victims of sexual assault. Here is the list people came up with:

Thanks everyone!

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well, fuck, i’m dawson leery

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so, things that have changed since i started this blog (over two years ago):

- more friends

- more potential dates

- more confident

- happier

- eating more healthily, maaaaybe

- maybe going to college

- only use okc to talk to my penpal and my good friend

- a nicer person

a less positive thing (cutting for body issues/mentions of size):

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silicone-injections asked: If a guy named Ruy from Williamsburg offers you trans girls help, please decline. He offered me a place to stay until I get on my feet and said we should discuss details over dinner. We did have a dinner, but he tried to have sex with me. Told me I could only stay until the end of the month IF his "roommate" accepted, which he apparently did not. So, to avoid getting used sexually and lead on, avoid Ruy. Indonesian, Broadway actor from Brooklyn New York.



good to know, thank you

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Holley Mangold appreciation post.

Because Nick Mangold blah, blah, blah- she is an Olympian! Let’s talk about her!

Because literally every article starts out with how fat she is.

Because people talk about how she needs a makeover instead of her incredible talent.

Because fuck you, that’s why.

Reblogging fat Olympic athletes as self care.

If you wouldn’t post someone like Holley to your #fitspo blog, then it’s obvious that you care about aesthetics more than actual fitness.

Fat does not equal unhealthy.

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oh, okcupid is telling me off for not sending messages in its ‘so-and-so is checking you out’ e-mails

thanks guyyyyys

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